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Public Member Functions

sbIMediacoreVideoWindow getPrimaryVideoWindow (in boolean aCreate, [optional] in unsigned long aWidthHint, [optional] in unsigned long aHeightHint)
sbIMediacoreEvent createEvent (in unsigned long aType, in sbIMediacore aOrigin, [optional] in nsIVariant aData, [optional] in sbIMediacoreError aError)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute sbIMediacore primaryCore
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
readonly attribute
attribute sbIMediacoreSequencer sequencer

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

sbIMediacoreEvent sbIMediacoreManager::createEvent ( in unsigned long  aType,
in sbIMediacore  aOrigin,
[optional] in nsIVariant  aData,
[optional] in sbIMediacoreError  aError 

Create a new event

aTypeThe type of the event; should be one of the COMMAND_* or EVENT_* constants on the sbIMediacoreEvent.
aData(Optional) The data to pass to any listeners that would receive this event.
aOrigin(Optional) Some indication of the source of the event.
aError(Optional) An error associated with the event
See Also
sbIMediacoreVideoWindow sbIMediacoreManager::getPrimaryVideoWindow ( in boolean  aCreate,
[optional] in unsigned long  aWidthHint,
[optional] in unsigned long  aHeightHint 

Get (or create) the primary video window

aCreateCreate the window if it does not exist.
aWidthHint(Optional) Width of the video that will be shown
aHeightHint(Optional) Height of the video that will be shown
Both width and height hints have to be non-zero if you wish them to be used to size the video window upon creation. If you do not use the hints, the video window will rely on a VIDEO_SIZE_CHANGED event to size itself properly.
This method will return null if aCreate is false and there is no video window available.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute sbIMediacoreBalanceControl sbIMediacoreManager::balanceControl

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readonly attribute sbIMediacoreCapabilities sbIMediacoreManager::capabilities

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readonly attribute sbIMediacoreMultibandEqualizer sbIMediacoreManager::equalizer

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readonly attribute sbIMediacorePlaybackControl sbIMediacoreManager::playbackControl

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readonly attribute sbIMediacore sbIMediacoreManager::primaryCore

The primary core is always used to play user content.

If you need a mediacore for background tasks of any kind, it is preferable to create a new instance.

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attribute sbIMediacoreSequencer sbIMediacoreManager::sequencer

The current sequencer used to generate and manage playback sequences.

Setting the sequencer will have the following effect:

  1. Current sequences remain unaffected.
  2. When playback of current sequences is complete, the new sequencer is used to generate the next sequence.

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readonly attribute sbIMediacoreStatus sbIMediacoreManager::status

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readonly attribute sbIMediacoreVideoWindow sbIMediacoreManager::video

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readonly attribute sbIMediacoreVolumeControl sbIMediacoreManager::volumeControl

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