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Public Attributes

attribute boolean fullscreen
 Video window fullscreen attribute. More...
attribute nsIDOMXULElement videoWindow
 DOM XUL Element used as the video box. More...

Detailed Description

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Member Data Documentation

attribute boolean sbIMediacoreVideoWindow::fullscreen

Video window fullscreen attribute.

This attribute can be used to determine if the video window is currently in fullscreen mode. It can also be used to set the video window to fullscreen mode.

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attribute nsIDOMXULElement sbIMediacoreVideoWindow::videoWindow

DOM XUL Element used as the video box.

Setting this attribute will bind the video window to the box for the element. This means that the size of the actual video window will be determined by the size of the box of the element.

If you ever hide or set the visibility on this element to false, you must send a resize event to it so that the underlying video window will redraw correctly. Otherwise, the behavior of the video is undefined.

You can send this event from JavaScript using the following code:

var resizeEvent = document.createEvent("UIEvents");
resizeEvent.initUIEvent("resize", true, true, window, 1);
var mm = Components.classes[";1"]
.getService(Components.interfaces.sbIMediacoreManager); = false;;

Implementors of the video window must respond to the following DOM events: 'unload', 'hide', 'resize'

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