sbIMediacorePlaybackControl Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void play ()
void pause ()
void stop ()
void seek (in unsigned long long position, in unsigned long flags)

Public Attributes

attribute nsIURI uri
attribute unsigned long long position
readonly attribute unsigned
long long 
readonly attribute boolean isPlayingAudio
readonly attribute boolean isPlayingVideo
const unsigned long SEEK_FLAG_NORMAL = 0
const unsigned long SEEK_FLAG_KEYFRAME = 1

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

void sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::pause ( )
void sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::play ( )
void sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::seek ( in unsigned long long  position,
in unsigned long  flags 

Seek to a specified point, with some seeking flags set. A normal, simple seek can be done by simply setting the position attribute. This function is useful for more complex seek types (with flags set)

void sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::stop ( )

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute unsigned long long sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::duration

The total duration of the stream currently being played, in milliseconds

NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLEif the duration is unknown

Definition at line 47 of file sbIMediacorePlaybackControl.idl.

readonly attribute boolean sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::isPlayingAudio

Definition at line 50 of file sbIMediacorePlaybackControl.idl.

readonly attribute boolean sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::isPlayingVideo

Definition at line 53 of file sbIMediacorePlaybackControl.idl.

attribute unsigned long long sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::position

The current position of the stream currently being played back, in milliseconds

Definition at line 41 of file sbIMediacorePlaybackControl.idl.

const unsigned long sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::SEEK_FLAG_KEYFRAME = 1

Definition at line 71 of file sbIMediacorePlaybackControl.idl.

const unsigned long sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::SEEK_FLAG_NORMAL = 0

Definition at line 68 of file sbIMediacorePlaybackControl.idl.

attribute nsIURI sbIMediacorePlaybackControl::uri

Definition at line 35 of file sbIMediacorePlaybackControl.idl.

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