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The engine in which to execute sbIFileScanQuery objects. More...


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Public Member Functions

void submitQuery (in sbIFileScanQuery pQuery)
 Execute a sbIFileScanQuery object. More...
void finalize ()

Detailed Description

The engine in which to execute sbIFileScanQuery objects.

Create a sbIFileScanQuery object, fill out its methods, create one of these and pass the query to the scanner to begin executing.

Optionally, you may skip the use of a sbIFileScanQuery object and just handle the scan directly by calling scanDirectory() with your own sbIFileScanCallback object.

See Also
sbIFileScanCallback, sbIFileScanQuery

Definition at line 300 of file sbIFileScan.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIFileScan::finalize ( )

Cleans up after ourselves. If you're using sbIFileScan in GC environment please explicitly cleanup

void sbIFileScan::submitQuery ( in sbIFileScanQuery  pQuery)

Execute a sbIFileScanQuery object.

pQueryThe query object to execute
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