sbIFileScanCallback Interface Reference

The callback to the sbIFileScanQuery interface. More...


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Public Member Functions

void onFileScanStart ()
 The media scan is starting. More...
void onFileScanFile (in AString filePath, in PRInt32 fileCount)
 The media scan has found (yet another) file. More...
void onFileScanEnd ()
 The media scan is complete. More...

Detailed Description

The callback to the sbIFileScanQuery interface.

This interface is meant to be implemented by user code.

Create one of these objects to be informed of the progress of the media scan.

NOTE: This object's methods are called from the media scan thread. Not necessarily safe for javascript!

See Also
sbIFileScanQuery, sbIFileScan, FileScan.h

Definition at line 57 of file sbIFileScan.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIFileScanCallback::onFileScanEnd ( )

The media scan is complete.

See Also
onFileScanStart, onFileScanFile, sbIFileScanQuery, sbIFileScan
void sbIFileScanCallback::onFileScanFile ( in AString  filePath,
in PRInt32  fileCount 

The media scan has found (yet another) file.

filePathThe path to the file
fileCountThe number of files found so far
See Also
onFileScanStart, onFileScanEnd, sbIFileScanQuery, sbIFileScan
void sbIFileScanCallback::onFileScanStart ( )

The media scan is starting.

See Also
onFileScanFile, onFileScanEnd, sbIFileScanQuery, sbIFileScan

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