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Cm QueryInterface (Ci.nsIComponentRegistrar).registerFactory(Components.ID(kPromptServiceUUID)


const Cr = Components.results
const Cm = Components.manager
var didFail = false
const kPromptServiceUUID = "{6cc9c9fe-bc0b-432b-a410-253ef8bcc699}"
const kPromptServiceContractID = ";1"
const kPromptServiceFactory
let fakePromptServiceFactory
let promptService
Cm Prompt Service
const kCompleteState
const kDummyPage = ""
const kURIs

Function Documentation

Cm QueryInterface ( Ci.  nsIComponentRegistrar)

Variable Documentation

const Cm = Components.manager

Definition at line 4 of file browser_bug356571.js.

const Cr = Components.results

Definition at line 3 of file browser_bug356571.js.

var didFail = false

Definition at line 7 of file browser_bug356571.js.

Cm Prompt fakePromptServiceFactory
Initial value:
= {
createInstance: function(aOuter, aIid) {
if (aOuter != null)
return promptService.QueryInterface(aIid);
sidebarFactory createInstance
Definition: nsSidebar.js:351
const Cr
return null
Definition: FeedWriter.js:1143
let promptService

Definition at line 17 of file browser_bug356571.js.

const kCompleteState
Initial value:
= Ci.nsIWebProgressListener.STATE_STOP +
const Ci

Definition at line 36 of file browser_bug356571.js.

const kDummyPage = ""

Definition at line 39 of file browser_bug356571.js.

Cm Prompt kPromptServiceContractID = ";1"

Definition at line 11 of file browser_bug356571.js.

const kPromptServiceFactory
Initial value:
= Cm.getClassObject(Cc[kPromptServiceContractID],
const Cc
const kPromptServiceContractID
const Cm
const Ci

Definition at line 14 of file browser_bug356571.js.

const kPromptServiceUUID = "{6cc9c9fe-bc0b-432b-a410-253ef8bcc699}"

Definition at line 10 of file browser_bug356571.js.

const kURIs
Initial value:
= [
const kDummyPage

Definition at line 40 of file browser_bug356571.js.

let promptService
Initial value:
= {
QueryInterface: XPCOMUtils.generateQI([Ci.nsIPromptService]),
alert: function() {
didFail = true;
var didFail
Cm QueryInterface(Ci.nsIComponentRegistrar).registerFactory(Components.ID(kPromptServiceUUID)
const Ci

Definition at line 25 of file browser_bug356571.js.

Cm Prompt Service

Definition at line 33 of file browser_bug356571.js.