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function nsSidebar ()
function sidebarURLSecurityCheck (url)
function srGetStrBundle (path)


const DEBUG = false
const SIDEBAR_CONTRACTID = "@mozilla.org/sidebar;1"
const SIDEBAR_CID = Components.ID("{22117140-9c6e-11d3-aaf1-00805f8a4905}")
const nsISupports = Components.interfaces.nsISupports
const nsIFactory = Components.interfaces.nsIFactory
const nsISidebar = Components.interfaces.nsISidebar
const nsISidebarExternal = Components.interfaces.nsISidebarExternal
const nsIClassInfo = Components.interfaces.nsIClassInfo
const SHERLOCK_FILE_EXT_REGEXP = /\.src$/i
nsSidebar prototype nc = "http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#"
nsSidebar prototype addPanel
nsSidebar prototype classDescription = "Sidebar"
nsSidebar prototype getInterfaces
sidebarModule registerSelf
sidebarFactory createInstance

Function Documentation

function nsSidebar ( )

Definition at line 73 of file nsSidebar.js.

function sidebarURLSecurityCheck (   url)

Definition at line 88 of file nsSidebar.js.

Here is the call graph for this function:

function srGetStrBundle (   path)

Definition at line 374 of file nsSidebar.js.

Variable Documentation

nsSidebar prototype addPanel

Definition at line 98 of file nsSidebar.js.

nsSidebar prototype classDescription = "Sidebar"

Definition at line 273 of file nsSidebar.js.

Initial value:
function (outer, iid) {
debug("CI: " + iid);
if (outer != null)
throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_AGGREGATION;
return (new nsSidebar()).QueryInterface(iid);
function NSGetModule(compMgr, fileSpec) {
return sidebarModule;
if (DEBUG)
debug = function (s) { dump("-*- sidebar component: " + s + "\n"); }
debug = function (s) {}
var gStrBundleService = null
function nsSidebar()
Definition: nsSidebar.js:73
const DEBUG
Definition: nsSidebar.js:60
return null
Definition: FeedWriter.js:1143
function debug(aMsg)

Definition at line 351 of file nsSidebar.js.

const DEBUG = false

Definition at line 60 of file nsSidebar.js.

nsSidebar prototype getInterfaces
Initial value:
= function(count) {
var interfaceList = [nsISidebar, nsISidebarExternal, nsIClassInfo];
count.value = interfaceList.length;
return interfaceList;
nsSidebar.prototype.getHelperForLanguage = function(count) {return null;}
nsSidebar.prototype.QueryInterface =
function (iid) {
if (iid.equals(nsISidebar) ||
iid.equals(nsISidebarExternal) ||
iid.equals(nsIClassInfo) ||
return this;
throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE;
var sidebarModule = new Object()
const nsISidebarExternal
Definition: nsSidebar.js:67
const nsISupports
Definition: nsSidebar.js:64
var count
Definition: test_bug7406.js:32
const nsIClassInfo
Definition: nsSidebar.js:68
function nsSidebar()
Definition: nsSidebar.js:73
return null
Definition: FeedWriter.js:1143
const nsISidebar
Definition: nsSidebar.js:66

Definition at line 276 of file nsSidebar.js.

nsSidebar prototype nc = "http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#"

Definition at line 86 of file nsSidebar.js.

const nsIClassInfo = Components.interfaces.nsIClassInfo

Definition at line 68 of file nsSidebar.js.

const nsIFactory = Components.interfaces.nsIFactory

Definition at line 65 of file nsSidebar.js.

const nsISidebar = Components.interfaces.nsISidebar

Definition at line 66 of file nsSidebar.js.

const nsISidebarExternal = Components.interfaces.nsISidebarExternal

Definition at line 67 of file nsSidebar.js.

const nsISupports = Components.interfaces.nsISupports

Definition at line 64 of file nsSidebar.js.

sidebarModule registerSelf

Definition at line 298 of file nsSidebar.js.

const SHERLOCK_FILE_EXT_REGEXP = /\.src$/i

Definition at line 71 of file nsSidebar.js.

const SIDEBAR_CID = Components.ID("{22117140-9c6e-11d3-aaf1-00805f8a4905}")

Definition at line 63 of file nsSidebar.js.

const SIDEBAR_CONTRACTID = "@mozilla.org/sidebar;1"

Definition at line 62 of file nsSidebar.js.