sbCDDeviceController Class Reference

#include <sbCDDeviceController.h>

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Public Member Functions

 sbCDDeviceController ()
virtual ~sbCDDeviceController ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbBaseDeviceController
 sbBaseDeviceController ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbIDeviceController
sbIDeviceCompatibility getCompatibility (in nsIPropertyBag aParams)
sbIDevice createDevice (in nsIPropertyBag aParams)
boolean controlsDevice (in sbIDevice aDevice)
void connectDevices ()
void disconnectDevices ()
void releaseDevice (in sbIDevice aDevice)
void releaseDevices ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbIDeviceController
readonly attribute nsIDPtr id
readonly attribute AString name
readonly attribute nsIDPtr marshallId
readonly attribute nsIArray devices
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sbBaseDeviceController
virtual ~sbBaseDeviceController ()
nsresult GetControllerIdInternal (nsID &aID)
nsresult SetControllerIdInternal (const nsID &aID)
nsresult GetControllerNameInternal (nsAString &aName)
nsresult SetControllerNameInternal (const nsAString &aName)
nsresult GetMarshallIdInternal (nsID &aID)
nsresult SetMarshallIdInternal (const nsID &aID)
nsresult AddDeviceInternal (sbIDevice *aDevice)
nsresult RemoveDeviceInternal (sbIDevice *aDevice)
nsresult GetDeviceInternal (const nsID *aID, sbIDevice **aDevice)
nsresult GetDevicesInternal (nsIArray **aDevices)
nsresult ControlsDeviceInternal (sbIDevice *aDevice, PRBool *_retval)
nsresult ConnectDevicesInternal ()
nsresult DisconnectDevicesInternal ()
nsresult ReleaseDeviceInternal (sbIDevice *aDevice)
nsresult ReleaseDevicesInternal ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from sbBaseDeviceController
template<class T >
static NS_HIDDEN_ (PLDHashOperator) EnumerateIntoArray(const nsID &aKey
template<class T >
static NS_HIDDEN_ (PLDHashOperator) EnumerateConnectAll(const nsID &aKey
template<class T >
static NS_HIDDEN_ (PLDHashOperator) EnumerateDisconnectAll(const nsID &aKey
- Protected Attributes inherited from sbBaseDeviceController
static T * aData
static T void * aArray

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file sbCDDeviceController.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbCDDeviceController::sbCDDeviceController ( )
sbCDDeviceController::~sbCDDeviceController ( )

Definition at line 68 of file sbCDDeviceController.cpp.

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