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Public Member Functions

sbIDeviceCompatibility getCompatibility (in nsIPropertyBag aParams)
sbIDevice createDevice (in nsIPropertyBag aParams)
boolean controlsDevice (in sbIDevice aDevice)
void connectDevices ()
void disconnectDevices ()
void releaseDevice (in sbIDevice aDevice)
void releaseDevices ()

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIDPtr id
readonly attribute AString name
readonly attribute nsIDPtr marshallId
readonly attribute nsIArray devices

Detailed Description


Implementations of this interface must be threadsafe.

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Member Function Documentation

void sbIDeviceController::connectDevices ( )

Connects all devices.

boolean sbIDeviceController::controlsDevice ( in sbIDevice  aDevice)

Determines if a device is currently controlled by the controller

sbIDevice sbIDeviceController::createDevice ( in nsIPropertyBag  aParams)

Constructs a device based on the given parameters.

void sbIDeviceController::disconnectDevices ( )

Disconnects all devices.

sbIDeviceCompatibility sbIDeviceController::getCompatibility ( in nsIPropertyBag  aParams)

Given a set of device parameters, attempt to determine if the device is supported, and with what level of functionality.

void sbIDeviceController::releaseDevice ( in sbIDevice  aDevice)

Called when the controller should release a single device.

void sbIDeviceController::releaseDevices ( )

Called when the controller should release all registered devices.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute nsIArray sbIDeviceController::devices

List of devices that are currently in-use. Ordering is not guaranteed to be consistent between reads!

Definition at line 64 of file sbIDeviceController.idl.

readonly attribute nsIDPtr sbIDeviceController::id

Unique identifier for the controller.

Definition at line 46 of file sbIDeviceController.idl.

readonly attribute nsIDPtr sbIDeviceController::marshallId

The nsID of an sbIDeviceMarshall implementor that the controller wishes to use. This must be valid or the controller will never be instantiated!

Definition at line 57 of file sbIDeviceController.idl.

readonly attribute AString sbIDeviceController::name

A human readable name.

Definition at line 51 of file sbIDeviceController.idl.

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