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Public Member Functions

void addObserver (in nsIMicrosummaryObserver observer)
void removeObserver (in nsIMicrosummaryObserver observer)
boolean equals (in nsIMicrosummary aOther)
void update ()

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIURI pageURI
attribute nsIMicrosummaryGenerator generator
readonly attribute AString content
readonly attribute long updateInterval
readonly attribute boolean needsRemoval

Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file nsIMicrosummaryService.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIMicrosummary::addObserver ( in nsIMicrosummaryObserver  observer)

Add a microsummary observer to this microsummary.

observerthe microsummary observer to add
boolean nsIMicrosummary::equals ( in nsIMicrosummary  aOther)

Microsummary equivalence test Microsummaries equal if they summarize the same page with the same microsummary-generator (see also nsIMicrosummaryGenerator::equals).

Note: this method returns false if either objects don't have a generator

void nsIMicrosummary::removeObserver ( in nsIMicrosummaryObserver  observer)

Remove a microsummary observer from this microsummary.

observerthe microsummary observer to remove
void nsIMicrosummary::update ( )

Update the microsummary, first loading its generator and page content as necessary. If you want know when a microsummary finishes updating, add an observer before calling this method.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute AString nsIMicrosummary::content

Definition at line 133 of file nsIMicrosummaryService.idl.

attribute nsIMicrosummaryGenerator nsIMicrosummary::generator

Definition at line 128 of file nsIMicrosummaryService.idl.

readonly attribute boolean nsIMicrosummary::needsRemoval

Definition at line 141 of file nsIMicrosummaryService.idl.

readonly attribute nsIURI nsIMicrosummary::pageURI

Definition at line 125 of file nsIMicrosummaryService.idl.

readonly attribute long nsIMicrosummary::updateInterval

Definition at line 137 of file nsIMicrosummaryService.idl.

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