nsIMicrosummaryObserver Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void onContentLoaded (in nsIMicrosummary microsummary)
void onError (in nsIMicrosummary microsummary)
void onElementAppended (in nsIMicrosummary microsummary)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file nsIMicrosummaryService.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIMicrosummaryObserver::onContentLoaded ( in nsIMicrosummary  microsummary)

Called when an observed microsummary updates its content. Since an observer might watch multiple microsummaries at the same time, the microsummary whose content has been updated gets passed to this handler. XXX Should this be onContentUpdated?

microsummarythe microsummary whose content has just been updated
void nsIMicrosummaryObserver::onElementAppended ( in nsIMicrosummary  microsummary)

Called when an element is appended to a microsummary set. XXX Should this be in a separate nsICollectionObserver interface?

microsummarythe microsummary that has just been appended to the set
void nsIMicrosummaryObserver::onError ( in nsIMicrosummary  microsummary)

Called when an observed microsummary encounters an error during an update.

microsummarythe microsummary which could not be updated

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