sbIOSDControlService Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void onVideoWindowOpened (in nsISupports aVideoWindow)
void onVideoWindowWillClose ()
void onVideoWindowResized ()
void onVideoWindowFullscreenChanged (in boolean aFullscreen)
void hideOSDControls ([optional] in unsigned long aTransitionType)
void showOSDControls ([optional] in unsigned long aTransitionType)

Public Attributes

const unsigned long TRANSITION_NONE = 0
const unsigned long TRANSITION_FADE = 1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file sbIOSDControlService.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIOSDControlService::hideOSDControls ( [optional] in unsigned long  aTransitionType)
void sbIOSDControlService::onVideoWindowFullscreenChanged ( in boolean  aFullscreen)
void sbIOSDControlService::onVideoWindowOpened ( in nsISupports  aVideoWindow)
void sbIOSDControlService::onVideoWindowResized ( )
void sbIOSDControlService::onVideoWindowWillClose ( )
void sbIOSDControlService::showOSDControls ( [optional] in unsigned long  aTransitionType)

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned long sbIOSDControlService::TRANSITION_FADE = 1

Definition at line 70 of file sbIOSDControlService.idl.

const unsigned long sbIOSDControlService::TRANSITION_NONE = 0

Definition at line 69 of file sbIOSDControlService.idl.

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