sbMediaItemDownloadService.h File Reference

Songbird Media Item Download Service Definitions. More...

#include <sbIMediaItemDownloadService.h>
#include <sbIServiceManager.h>
#include <nsCOMPtr.h>
#include <nsIGenericFactory.h>
#include <nsIObserver.h>
#include <nsTArray.h>
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class  sbMediaItemDownloadService


#define SB_MEDIA_ITEM_DOWNLOAD_SERVICE_CLASSNAME   "sbMediaItemDownloadService"
#define SB_MEDIA_ITEM_DOWNLOAD_SERVICE_DESCRIPTION   "Songbird Media Item Download Service"

Detailed Description

Songbird Media Item Download Service Definitions.

Definition in file sbMediaItemDownloadService.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

{ \
0x35443420, \
0x1dd2, \
0x11b2, \
{ 0x8d, 0x65, 0xfe, 0xf3, 0x91, 0x81, 0x82, 0xcf } \

Definition at line 73 of file sbMediaItemDownloadService.h.

#define SB_MEDIA_ITEM_DOWNLOAD_SERVICE_CLASSNAME   "sbMediaItemDownloadService"

Definition at line 70 of file sbMediaItemDownloadService.h.

#define SB_MEDIA_ITEM_DOWNLOAD_SERVICE_DESCRIPTION   "Songbird Media Item Download Service"

Definition at line 71 of file sbMediaItemDownloadService.h.