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Public Member Functions

void setPlaylistSelected (in sbIMediaList aPlaylist, in boolean aSelected)
boolean getPlaylistSelected (in sbIMediaList aPlaylist)
void clearSelectedPlaylists ()
void addPlaylistListener (in sbIDeviceLibraryPlaylistListener aListener)
void removePlaylistListener (in sbIDeviceLibraryPlaylistListener aListener)

Public Attributes

const unsigned long SYNC_MGMT_NONE = 10
const unsigned long SYNC_MGMT_ALL = 11
const unsigned long SYNC_MGMT_PLAYLISTS = 12
attribute boolean
attribute unsigned long mgmtType
readonly attribute unsigned long lastActiveMgmtType
attribute nsIArray selectedPlaylists
attribute AString syncFolder
attribute nsIFile syncFromFolder
readonly attribute nsIArray syncPlaylists

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

void sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::addPlaylistListener ( in sbIDeviceLibraryPlaylistListener  aListener)

Notifies when the list of playlists for this media type changes

void sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::clearSelectedPlaylists ( )

Removes all playlist selections

boolean sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::getPlaylistSelected ( in sbIMediaList  aPlaylist)

Determines if the playlist is selected to be sync'd

void sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::removePlaylistListener ( in sbIDeviceLibraryPlaylistListener  aListener)

removes the listener

void sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::setPlaylistSelected ( in sbIMediaList  aPlaylist,
in boolean  aSelected 

Adds a playlist to this media type's settings

Member Data Documentation

attribute sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::boolean

Determines whether we should import media items from the device during sync

Definition at line 61 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

readonly attribute unsigned long sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::lastActiveMgmtType

Maintains the last active mgmt type which is one of SYNC_MGMT_ALL or SYNC_MGMT_PLAYLISTS. This is necessary to repopulate the sync setting when SYNC_MGMT_NONE is turned off, for example when the sync-enabled checkbox is activated. If mgmtType hasn't been altered yet, this defaults to SYNC_MGMT_ALL.

Definition at line 76 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

attribute unsigned long sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::mgmtType

Sets the management type for a given content type SYNC_MGMT_NONE | SYNC_MGMT_ALL | SYNC_MGMT_PLAYLISTS

Definition at line 67 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

attribute nsIArray sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::selectedPlaylists

Represents the playlists that are currently selected. The array returned is a copy. Call the setter to change the selected playlists

Definition at line 82 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

const unsigned long sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::SYNC_MGMT_ALL = 11

Definition at line 55 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

const unsigned long sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::SYNC_MGMT_NONE = 10

Sync management settings SYNC_MGMT_NONE - No media items of this type are sync'd SYNC_MGMT_ALL - Synchronize all media items of this type SYNC_MGMT_PLAYLISTS - Synchronize only media belonging to selected playlists

Note: These values begin at 10 to avoid collisions with legacy values between 0 and 5.

Definition at line 54 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

const unsigned long sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::SYNC_MGMT_PLAYLISTS = 12

Definition at line 56 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

attribute AString sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::syncFolder

The folder on the device to sync to. It's a relative path so that it can be used by MSC and MTP

Definition at line 104 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

attribute nsIFile sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::syncFromFolder

Currently only used by images, this is the folder on the host machine to sync from

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readonly attribute nsIArray sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings::syncPlaylists

Returns playlists that can be selected for this MediaType

Definition at line 115 of file sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings.idl.

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