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Components utils import ("resource://app/jsmodules/sbProperties.jsm")
 __defineGetter__ ("Application", function(){delete Application;Application=Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.fuelIApplication);return Application;}) function ColumnSpecParser(aMediaList
function getColumns ()
 if (!columns||!columns.columnMap.length)


 EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = ["ColumnSpecParser"]
const Cc = Components.classes
const Ci = Components.interfaces
var columns = getColumns()
this _columns = columns

Function Documentation

__defineGetter__ (   "Application",
  function(){delete Application;Application=Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.fuelIApplication);return Application;} 

Construct a column spec parser and read the column specification immediately

aMediaListThe media list to find columns to display for
aPlaylistthe playlist binding
aMaska bitfield containing the source to look for; see the ColumnSpecParser.ORIGIN_* constants
[optional]aConstraint the media type constraint to use, if any

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function getColumns ( )

check for a column spec, with a given constraint

aPossibleConstraintthe constraint to use; may be empty string to look for a column spec with no constraints
aFlagthe flag to be added to the column spec origin
the parsed column spec, or null if not found

Definition at line 79 of file sbColumnSpecParser.jsm.

if ( !columns||!columns.columnMap.  length)

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Components utils import ( "resource://app/jsmodules/sbProperties.jsm"  )

Variable Documentation

this _columns = columns

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Initial value:
if (!aMask) {
aMask = ~0 >>> 0;
var self = this

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Definition at line 49 of file sbColumnSpecParser.jsm.


Definition at line 49 of file sbColumnSpecParser.jsm.

const Cc = Components.classes

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Definition at line 30 of file sbColumnSpecParser.jsm.

var columns = getColumns()

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EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = ["ColumnSpecParser"]

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