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This service monitors devices for errors and stores them for easy access later. More...

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 if (typeof(Cc)=="undefined") var Cc
Cu import ("resource://gre/modules/XPCOMUtils.jsm")
 __defineGetter__ ("Application", function(){delete this.Application;return this.Application=Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.fuelIApplication);})
function deviceErrorMonitor ()
function NSGetModule (compMgr, fileSpec)


var deviceErrorMonitorConfig
deviceErrorMonitor prototype

Detailed Description

This service monitors devices for errors and stores them for easy access later.

Definition in file sbDeviceErrorMonitor.js.

Function Documentation

__defineGetter__ ( "Application"  ,
function(){delete Application;Application=Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.fuelIApplication);return Application;}   

Since we can't use the FUEL components until after all other components have been loaded we define a lazy getter here for when we need it.

Global getter for Global Hotkey Actions Service

Global getter for the Command Line Service

Global getter for Observer Service

Construct a column spec parser and read the column specification immediately

aMediaListThe media list to find columns to display for
aPlaylistthe playlist binding
aMaska bitfield containing the source to look for; see the ColumnSpecParser.ORIGIN_* constants
[optional]aConstraint the media type constraint to use, if any

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function deviceErrorMonitor ( )

Definition at line 75 of file sbDeviceErrorMonitor.js.

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if ( typeof(Cc = ="undefined")

Debug Wrapper. Subclasses and replaces DateRemote to keep track of how many dataremotes are alive, and for which keys.

Enable DEBUG_DATAREMOTES to track down leaks.

Definition at line 524 of file sbDataRemote.js.

Cu import ( "resource://gre/modules/XPCOMUtils.jsm"  )
function NSGetModule (   compMgr,

/brief XPCOM initialization code

Definition at line 800 of file sbDeviceErrorMonitor.js.

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Variable Documentation

var deviceErrorMonitorConfig
Initial value:
= {
className: "Songbird Device Error Monitor Service",
cid: Components.ID("{7a2a55d1-0270-4789-bc7c-12ffaa19b4cd}"),
contractID: ";1",
ifList: [ Ci.sbIDeviceEventListener,
Ci.nsIObserver ],
category: 'app-startup',
entry: 'service-device-error-monitor',
value: 'service,;1'
debugPref: "songbird.device.errorMonitor.debug"
classDescription entry
Definition: FeedWriter.js:1427
sbLibraryImporterManagerCfg categoryList
sbOSDControlService prototype className
sbDeviceFirmwareAutoCheckForUpdate prototype contractID
countRef value
Definition: FeedWriter.js:1423
const Ci

Definition at line 54 of file sbDeviceErrorMonitor.js.

deviceErrorMonitor prototype

Definition at line 85 of file sbDeviceErrorMonitor.js.