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Components utils import ("resource://gre/modules/XPCOMUtils.jsm")
 if (typeof(Cc)=="undefined") var Cc
function sbOSDControlService ()
function NSGetModule (compMgr, fileSpec)


const SB_OSDHIDE_DELAY = 3000
const MAX_OSD_WIDTH = 502
const OSD_HEIGHT = 70
const OSD_PADDING = 18
sbOSDControlService prototype
sbOSDControlService prototype classDescription
sbOSDControlService prototype className
sbOSDControlService prototype classID
sbOSDControlService prototype contractID
sbOSDControlService prototype QueryInterface

Function Documentation

if ( typeof(Cc = ="undefined")

Debug Wrapper. Subclasses and replaces DateRemote to keep track of how many dataremotes are alive, and for which keys.

Enable DEBUG_DATAREMOTES to track down leaks.

Definition at line 524 of file sbDataRemote.js.

Components utils import ( "resource://gre/modules/XPCOMUtils.jsm"  )
function NSGetModule (   compMgr,

Definition at line 515 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

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function sbOSDControlService ( )

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Variable Documentation

sbOSDControlService prototype classDescription
Initial value:
"Songbird OSD Control Service"

Definition at line 502 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

Initial value:

Definition at line 506 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

menuItem className
Initial value:

Definition at line 504 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

Initial value:

Definition at line 508 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

const MAX_OSD_WIDTH = 502

Definition at line 41 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

const OSD_HEIGHT = 70

Definition at line 42 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

const OSD_PADDING = 18

Definition at line 43 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

Definition at line 70 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

Initial value:
const Ci

Definition at line 510 of file sbOSDControlService.js.

const SB_OSDHIDE_DELAY = 3000

Definition at line 40 of file sbOSDControlService.js.