sbIDeviceLibrarySyncSettings Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings getMediaSettings (in unsigned long aMediaType)
void write (in sbIDevice aDevice)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIArray syncPlaylists

Detailed Description

This interface serves as a holder of device sync management settings. Changing values on this object or the objects it owns does not effect an immediate change in behavior of the system. The user must assign syncSettings or call applySyncSettings in order for those changes to be active.

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Member Function Documentation

sbIDeviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings sbIDeviceLibrarySyncSettings::getMediaSettings ( in unsigned long  aMediaType)

Returns an object to manage the synchronization settings for a given media type. This object is a reference to the internal object of the object held by the sbIDeviceSyncSettings object

aMediaTypethe media type to get settings, from sbIDeviceLibrary
the reference to the synchronization settings for the media type
void sbIDeviceLibrarySyncSettings::write ( in sbIDevice  aDevice)

Writes this deviceLibrarySyncSetting and the deviceLibraryMediaSyncSettings to a device-specific pref so that the settings can be retrieved between sessions.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute nsIArray sbIDeviceLibrarySyncSettings::syncPlaylists

returns a list of the playlists currently selected for all media types

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