sbMacWindowTitlebarService.h File Reference

Songbird Mac Window Titlebar Service Definitions. More...

#include <nsIGenericFactory.h>
#include <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
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class  sbMacWindowTitlebarService
class  NSGrayFrame
category  NSGrayFrame(SBGrayFrame)


#define SB_MAC_WINDOW_TITLEBAR_SERVICE_CLASSNAME   "sbMacWindowTitlebarService"
#define SB_MAC_WIDNOW_TITLEBAR_SERVICE_DESCRIPTION   "Songbird Mac Window Titlebar Service"

Detailed Description

Songbird Mac Window Titlebar Service Definitions.

Definition in file sbMacWindowTitlebarService.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SB_MAC_WIDNOW_TITLEBAR_SERVICE_DESCRIPTION   "Songbird Mac Window Titlebar Service"

Definition at line 67 of file sbMacWindowTitlebarService.h.

{ \
0x7861f6f8, \
0xce57, \
0x48c0, \
{ 0x89, 0x17, 0xec, 0x63, 0xbb, 0x08, 0x5a, 0xa0 } \

Definition at line 71 of file sbMacWindowTitlebarService.h.

#define SB_MAC_WINDOW_TITLEBAR_SERVICE_CLASSNAME   "sbMacWindowTitlebarService"

Definition at line 66 of file sbMacWindowTitlebarService.h.


Definition at line 69 of file sbMacWindowTitlebarService.h.