sbiTunesImporterStatus Class Reference

#include <sbiTunesImporterStatus.h>

Public Member Functions

 ~sbiTunesImporterStatus ()
PRBool CancelRequested ()
nsresult Initialize ()
void Finalize ()
nsresult Reset ()
void SetStatusText (nsAString const &aMsg)
void SetProgress (PRInt64 aProgress)
void SetProgressMax (PRInt64 aMaxProgress)
void Done ()
nsresult Update ()

Static Public Member Functions

static sbiTunesImporterStatusNew (sbiTunesImporterJob *aJobProgress)

Detailed Description

This class manages status updates for the iTunes importer

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbiTunesImporterStatus::~sbiTunesImporterStatus ( )

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Member Function Documentation

PRBool sbiTunesImporterStatus::CancelRequested ( )

Returns PR_TRUE if a cancel has been requested

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void sbiTunesImporterStatus::Done ( )

Signals we're done

Definition at line 82 of file sbiTunesImporterStatus.h.

void sbiTunesImporterStatus::Finalize ( )

Clean up resources

Definition at line 97 of file sbiTunesImporterStatus.cpp.

nsresult sbiTunesImporterStatus::Initialize ( )

Initializes the dataremote and job progress member

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sbiTunesImporterStatus * sbiTunesImporterStatus::New ( sbiTunesImporterJob aJobProgress)

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nsresult sbiTunesImporterStatus::Reset ( )

Resets the status

Definition at line 102 of file sbiTunesImporterStatus.cpp.

void sbiTunesImporterStatus::SetProgress ( PRInt64  aProgress)

Sets the current progress

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void sbiTunesImporterStatus::SetProgressMax ( PRInt64  aMaxProgress)

Sets the max process value

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void sbiTunesImporterStatus::SetStatusText ( nsAString const &  aMsg)

Sets the status message

Definition at line 117 of file sbiTunesImporterStatus.cpp.

nsresult sbiTunesImporterStatus::Update ( )

Updates the status to the UI

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