sbiTunesImporterJob Class Reference

#include <sbiTunesImporterJob.h>

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Public Member Functions

PRBool CancelRequested () const
nsresult SetStatus (PRUint32 aStatus)
nsresult SetStatusText (nsAString const &aStatusText)
nsresult SetTitleText (nsAString const &aTitleText)
nsresult SetProgress (PRUint32 aProgress)
nsresult SetTotal (PRUint32 aTotal)
nsresult AddErrorMessage (nsAString const &aErrorMessage)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbIJobProgress
nsIStringEnumerator getErrorMessages ()
 Enumerate all the errors encountered during the job. More...
void addJobProgressListener (in sbIJobProgressListener aListener)
 Add a listener to be notified when significant job progress has been made. More...
void removeJobProgressListener (in sbIJobProgressListener aListener)
 Remove a previously added listener. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbIJobCancelable
void cancel ()
 Attempt to cancel the job Throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if canceling fails. More...

Static Public Member Functions

New ()

Protected Member Functions

 sbiTunesImporterJob ()
virtual ~sbiTunesImporterJob ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbIJobProgress
const unsigned short STATUS_FAILED = 0x00
 Constant indicating that the job has completed with errors. More...
const unsigned short STATUS_SUCCEEDED = 0x10
 Constant indicating that the job has completed. More...
const unsigned short STATUS_RUNNING = 0x20
 Constant indicating that the job is active. More...
readonly attribute unsigned short status
 Current status of the job. More...
readonly attribute boolean blocked
 If true, progress of job is blocked (e.g., due to locked resource). More...
readonly attribute AString statusText
 Localized message describing the status of the job. More...
readonly attribute AString titleText
 Localized message describing the type or purpose of the job. More...
readonly attribute unsigned long progress
 Number of work units completed. More...
readonly attribute unsigned long total
 Total number of work units to be completed May be set to 0 if the job length is indeterminate. More...
readonly attribute unsigned long errorCount
 Number of errors that have been encountered. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from sbIJobCancelable
readonly attribute boolean canCancel
 True if it is possible to cancel the job. More...

Detailed Description

This class provides Job status information and notification.

Definition at line 43 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbiTunesImporterJob::sbiTunesImporterJob ( )

Initializes the locks and state

Here is the caller graph for this function:

sbiTunesImporterJob::~sbiTunesImporterJob ( )

Needed so forward declares aren't referenced here

Definition at line 44 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbiTunesImporterJob::AddErrorMessage ( nsAString const &  aErrorMessage)

Adds an error message

Definition at line 102 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.cpp.

PRBool sbiTunesImporterJob::CancelRequested ( ) const

Request cancel

Definition at line 58 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.h.

sbiTunesImporterJob * sbiTunesImporterJob::New ( )


Definition at line 47 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.cpp.

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nsresult sbiTunesImporterJob::SetProgress ( PRUint32  aProgress)

Sets the progress XXX TODO Not sure how this is different from SetStatus

Definition at line 82 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.cpp.

nsresult sbiTunesImporterJob::SetStatus ( PRUint32  aStatus)

Sets the progress status

Definition at line 52 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.cpp.

nsresult sbiTunesImporterJob::SetStatusText ( nsAString const &  aStatusText)

Sets the status mesage of the the status window

Definition at line 62 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.cpp.

nsresult sbiTunesImporterJob::SetTitleText ( nsAString const &  aTitleText)

Sets the title text of the status window

Definition at line 72 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.cpp.

nsresult sbiTunesImporterJob::SetTotal ( PRUint32  aTotal)

Sets the total items being processed

Definition at line 92 of file sbiTunesImporterJob.cpp.

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