sbDeviceMediaItemDecorator Class Reference

#include <sbDeviceMediaItemDecorator.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static nsresult DecorateMediaItem (sbIDevice *aDevice, sbIMediaItem *aMediaItem, const nsAString &aImportType)

Detailed Description

A class for adjusting the properties of media items when imported from a device. Rules for which media items to adjust and how are specified by <import> elements in device info XML files. Those rules are resolved in device add-ons (e.g., the MTP add-on) before invoking this class.

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Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbDeviceMediaItemDecorator::DecorateMediaItem ( sbIDevice aDevice,
sbIMediaItem aMediaItem,
const nsAString &  aImportType 

Add or modify properties of aMediaItem according to aImportType

aDeviceThe device on which the media item content resides
aMediaItemA media item to decorate according to aImportType
aImportTypeA symbolic name that determines how to decorate aMediaItem, such as what properties to add and how to compute their values. Recognized types are: fm-recording voice-recording
Include the file creation timestamp in the track name if possible.

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