Todo List
Member sbDeviceMediaItemDecorator::DecorateMediaItem (sbIDevice *aDevice, sbIMediaItem *aMediaItem, const nsAString &aImportType)
Include the file creation timestamp in the track name if possible.
Member sbIMetadataChannel::pos
Make "SetPos()" work past the end of the buffer. Right now, nothing is seekable.
Member sbIMetadataChannel::seekable
Make "GetSeekable()" work. Right now, nothing is seekable.
Member sbIPlaylistCommands::getCommandToolTipText (in AString aSubMenu, in PRInt32 aIndex, in AString aHost)
The tooltip functionality is disabled because mozilla will crash if you delete an element currently displaying a tooltip.
aIndexThe index of the element for which the data is being requested
aHostThe type of object hosting the command
The string for the tooltip
Class sbIRemoteMediaList
Write this documentation
Member sbIWatchFolder::canInteract
sbWatchFolderService will set this flag where it currently calls GetIsUnitTestsRunning(). canInteract == !GetIsUnitTestsRunning()
Member sbIWatchFolder::mediaList
sbWatchFolderService will set this where it currently handles PREF_WATCHFOLDER_ENABLE. Enabled => main library, disabled => null
Member sbIWatchFolder::path
sbWatchFolderService will initialize this from PREF_WATCHFOLDER_PATH
Member sbIWatchFolder::start (in ACString aSessionGuid)
sbWatchFolderService will set aSessionGuid from PREF_WATCHFOLDER_SESSIONGUID
Member sbIWatchFolder::stop ()
sbWatchFolderService will save the result in PREF_WATCHFOLDER_SESSIONGUID