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Public Member Functions

void Initialize (in ACString aImageFormat, in nsIArray aSupportedExplicitSizes, in sbIDevCapRange aSupportedWidths, in sbIDevCapRange aSupportedHeights)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute ACString imageFormat
readonly attribute nsIArray supportedExplicitSizes
readonly attribute sbIDevCapRange supportedWidths
readonly attribute sbIDevCapRange supportedHeights

Detailed Description

Implementations of this interface must be threadsafe.

Definition at line 183 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIImageFormatType::Initialize ( in ACString  aImageFormat,
in nsIArray  aSupportedExplicitSizes,
in sbIDevCapRange  aSupportedWidths,
in sbIDevCapRange  aSupportedHeights 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute ACString sbIImageFormatType::imageFormat

The mime-type of the image format.

e.g. image/jpeg, image/png, image/x-my-private-format

Definition at line 194 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute nsIArray sbIImageFormatType::supportedExplicitSizes

Definition at line 202 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute sbIDevCapRange sbIImageFormatType::supportedHeights

Definition at line 214 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute sbIDevCapRange sbIImageFormatType::supportedWidths

Definition at line 208 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

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