sbIDevCapRange Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void Initialize (in long aMin, in long aMax, in long aStep)
long GetValue (in unsigned long aIndex)
void AddValue (in long aValue)
boolean IsValueInRange (in long aValue)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute unsigned long valueCount
readonly attribute long min
readonly attribute long max
readonly attribute long step

Detailed Description

Ranges of supported values (for image/video sizes, bitrates, etc.)

Definition at line 66 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIDevCapRange::AddValue ( in long  aValue)

Adds a value to the range

aValueThe value to append
long sbIDevCapRange::GetValue ( in unsigned long  aIndex)

The values permitted. If this array is non-empty, then only these values are permitted. If it is empty, instead, the min/max/step values should be used Returns the value of a given index

aIndexthe index of the value to return

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void sbIDevCapRange::Initialize ( in long  aMin,
in long  aMax,
in long  aStep 
boolean sbIDevCapRange::IsValueInRange ( in long  aValue)

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Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute long sbIDevCapRange::max

Definition at line 96 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute long sbIDevCapRange::min

Definition at line 93 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute long sbIDevCapRange::step

Definition at line 100 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute unsigned long sbIDevCapRange::valueCount

The number of values in the range

Definition at line 90 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

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