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Public Member Functions

sbIDeviceMarshall getMarshallByID (in nsIDPtr aIDPtr)
void updateDevices ()
sbIDeviceEvent createEvent (in unsigned long aType, [optional] in nsIVariant aData, [optional] in nsISupports aOrigin, [optional] in unsigned long aDeviceState, [optional] in unsigned long aDeviceSubState)
sbIDeviceEventBeforeAddedData createBeforeAddedData (in sbIDevice aDevice)
sbIDevice getDeviceForItem (in sbIMediaItem aItem)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIArray marshalls
readonly attribute boolean canDisconnect

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file sbIDeviceManager.idl.

Member Function Documentation

sbIDeviceEventBeforeAddedData sbIDeviceManager2::createBeforeAddedData ( in sbIDevice  aDevice)

Create a data object for the EVENT_DEVICE_BEFORE_ADDED.

aDeviceThe device that is about to be added.
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sbIDeviceEvent sbIDeviceManager2::createEvent ( in unsigned long  aType,
[optional] in nsIVariant  aData,
[optional] in nsISupports  aOrigin,
[optional] in unsigned long  aDeviceState,
[optional] in unsigned long  aDeviceSubState 

Create a new event

aTypeThe type of the event; should be one of the COMMAND_* or EVENT_* constants on this interface.
aData(Optional) The data to pass to any listeners that would receive this event.
aOrigin(Optional) Some indication of the source of the event.
See Also
sbIDevice sbIDeviceManager2::getDeviceForItem ( in sbIMediaItem  aItem)

Return the device to which the media item specified by aItem belongs. If the media item does not belong to any device, return null.

aItemMedia item for which to get device.
Device to which media item belongs.
sbIDeviceMarshall sbIDeviceManager2::getMarshallByID ( in nsIDPtr  aIDPtr)

Get a device marshall by ID.

void sbIDeviceManager2::updateDevices ( )

Simply calls updateDevices on all loaded controllers.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute boolean sbIDeviceManager2::canDisconnect

Can all devices be disconnected?

Definition at line 112 of file sbIDeviceManager.idl.

readonly attribute nsIArray sbIDeviceManager2::marshalls

List of marshalls that are currently instantiated. Order is undefined and may change between reads.

Definition at line 55 of file sbIDeviceManager.idl.

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