sbLibraryConstraintBuilder Class Reference

#include <sbLibraryConstraints.h>

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Public Member Functions

Init ()
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sbILibraryConstraintBuilder parseFromString (in AString aSerializedConstraint)
 Attempt to parse a serialized constraint description. This expects a string as serialized by sbILibraryConstraint::toString(). More...
sbILibraryConstraintBuilder includeConstraint (in sbILibraryConstraint aConstraint)
 Add an existing constraint to the builder. More...
sbILibraryConstraintBuilder include (in AString aProperty, in AString aValue)
 Add a property / value pair to the current group. More...
sbILibraryConstraintBuilder includeList (in AString aProperty, in nsIStringEnumerator aValues)
 Adds a property / value pair to the current group for each of the values supplied in the value list. This is a shortcut to calling include for every value with the same property. More...
sbILibraryConstraintBuilder intersect ()
 Completes the current group and starts a new one. Each group will be intersected in the result. More...
sbILibraryConstraint get ()
 Returns the constructed constraint. More...

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Definition at line 47 of file sbLibraryConstraints.h.

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