sbLocalDatabaseGUIDArray Class Reference

#include <sbLocalDatabaseGUIDArray.h>

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struct  FilterSpec
struct  SortSpec

Public Member Functions

sbLocalDatabaseGUIDArray ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbILocalDatabaseGUIDArray
void addSort (in AString aProperty, in boolean aAscending)
void clearSorts ()
void addFilter (in AString aProperty, in nsIStringEnumerator aValues, in boolean aIsSearch)
void clearFilters ()
boolean isIndexCached (in unsigned long aIndex)
AString getSortPropertyValueByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex)
 Return the sortable property value at the given index. More...
unsigned long getMediaItemIdByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex)
 Return the media item id at the given index. More...
AString getOrdinalByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex)
 Return the ordinal at the given index. More...
AString getGuidByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex)
 Return the guid at the given index. More...
unsigned long long getRowidByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex)
 Return the rowid at the given index. More...
AString getViewItemUIDByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex)
 Return the viewItemUID for the item at the given index. More...
void invalidate (in boolean aInvalidateLength)
 Invalidate the contents of the array. More...
sbILocalDatabaseGUIDArray clone ()
void cloneInto (in sbILocalDatabaseGUIDArray aDest)
void removeByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex)
unsigned long getFirstIndexByPrefix (in AString aPrefix)
unsigned long getFirstIndexByGuid (in AString aGuid)
unsigned long getIndexByViewItemUID (in AString aViewItemUID)
boolean containsGuid (in AString aGuid)
 Return true if the array contains the given GUID. May be forced to fetch and cache all items. More...
void suppressInvalidation (in boolean aSuppress)
 Counter based invalidation suppression. More...
void mayInvalidate ([array, size_is(aCount)] in unsigned long aDirtyPropertyIDs, in unsigned long aCount)
 Checks to see if the guid array needs to be invalidated and invalidates if needed. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbSupportsWeakReference
 sbSupportsWeakReference ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbILocalDatabaseGUIDArray
attribute AString databaseGUID
attribute nsIURI databaseLocation
attribute AString baseTable
attribute AString baseConstraintColumn
attribute unsigned long baseConstraintValue
attribute unsigned long fetchSize
attribute boolean isDistinct
readonly attribute boolean isValid
attribute boolean distinctWithSortableValues
 If the guid array is distinct, this value will cause the guid array to be filled with the sortable values instead of human redeable values. More...
readonly attribute unsigned long length
readonly attribute sbIPropertyArray currentSort
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sbSupportsWeakReference
 ~sbSupportsWeakReference ()
void ClearWeakReferences ()
PRBool HasWeakReferences () const

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