sbIiTunesXMLParser Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void parse (in nsIInputStream aiTunesXMLInputStream, in sbIiTunesXMLParserListener aListener)
void finalize ()

Detailed Description

Interface that provides access to the the parser for the iTunes XML file

Definition at line 43 of file sbIiTunesXMLParser.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIiTunesXMLParser::finalize ( )

Cleans up resources in use by the parser. Calling this isn't required, but highly encouraged.

void sbIiTunesXMLParser::parse ( in nsIInputStream  aiTunesXMLInputStream,
in sbIiTunesXMLParserListener  aListener 

Initiates the parsing of the file, calling methods on listener as it goes.

aiTunesXMLFilePathPath of XML file to process
aListenerlistener to call as we find interesting bits

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