sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor Struct Reference

#include <sbUSBDeviceUtils.h>

Public Attributes

PRUint8 bLength
PRUint8 bDescriptorType
PRUint16 wTotalLength
PRUint8 bNumInterfaces
PRUint8 bConfigurationValue
PRUint8 iConfiguration
PRUint8 bmAttributes
PRUint8 bMaxPower

Detailed Description

This structure contains the fields for a USB configuration descriptor.

bLength Size of this descriptor in bytes. bDescriptorType DEVICE Descriptor Type. wTotalLength Total length of data returned for this configuration. bNumInterfaces Number of interfaces supported by this configuration. bConfigurationValue Value to use as an argument to the SetConfiguration() request to select this configuration. iConfiguration Index of string descriptor describing this configuration. bmAttributes Configuration characteristics. bMaxPower Maximum power consumption of the device from the bus in this specific configuration when the device is fully operational.

Definition at line 161 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

Member Data Documentation

PRUint8 sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor::bConfigurationValue

Definition at line 167 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor::bDescriptorType

Definition at line 164 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor::bLength

Definition at line 163 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor::bmAttributes

Definition at line 169 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor::bMaxPower

Definition at line 170 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor::bNumInterfaces

Definition at line 166 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor::iConfiguration

Definition at line 168 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint16 sbUSBConfigurationDescriptor::wTotalLength

Definition at line 165 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

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