sbISecurityMixin Interface Reference

An interface for setting up nsISecurityCheckedComponent security checks. More...


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Public Member Functions

void init (in sbISecurityAggregator aOuter, [const, array, size_is(aInterfacesLength)] in nsIIDPtr aInterfacesArray, in unsigned long aInterfacesLength, [const, array, size_is(aMethodsLength)] in string aMethodsArray, in unsigned long aMethodsLength, [const, array, size_is(aRPropsLength)] in string aRPropsArray, in unsigned long aRPropsLength, [const, array, size_is(aWPropsLength)] in string aWPropsArray, in unsigned long aWPropsLength, in boolean aPrivileged)
nsIURI getCodebase ()
 Gets the URI for the current location. More...
boolean getPermissionForScopedNameWrapper (in AString aRemotePermCategory)
 Get the permissions for a category. More...

Public Attributes

attribute nsIDOMDocument notificationDocument
 the DOM document to send notification events to More...

Detailed Description

An interface for setting up nsISecurityCheckedComponent security checks.

Implemented by objects that provide the nsISecurityCheckedComponent functionality to allow other classes to aggregate (or compose) that functionality in without implementing it directly.

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Member Function Documentation

nsIURI sbISecurityMixin::getCodebase ( )

Gets the URI for the current location.

Can return NS_OK and a null URI. Needs to do so to allow security checks to succeed when called from native code.

aSiteURI- The URI of the subject principal, basically the calling page. It is pulled from the JS stack. This will be null if the security check originated from native code and not an access on a web page.
NS_OK - indicates no implicit failure of code, does not ensure URI is set.
boolean sbISecurityMixin::getPermissionForScopedNameWrapper ( in AString  aRemotePermCategory)

Get the permissions for a category.

aRemotePermCategory- String representation of the category to check. "Control Playback" "Read Current" "Read Library" "Add Media" "Create Medialists"
_retval- True if site has permissions in category, False if site does not have permissions in category.
void sbISecurityMixin::init ( in sbISecurityAggregator  aOuter,
[const, array, size_is(aInterfacesLength)] in nsIIDPtr  aInterfacesArray,
in unsigned long  aInterfacesLength,
[const, array, size_is(aMethodsLength)] in string  aMethodsArray,
in unsigned long  aMethodsLength,
[const, array, size_is(aRPropsLength)] in string  aRPropsArray,
in unsigned long  aRPropsLength,
[const, array, size_is(aWPropsLength)] in string  aWPropsArray,
in unsigned long  aWPropsLength,
in boolean  aPrivileged 

Member Data Documentation

attribute nsIDOMDocument sbISecurityMixin::notificationDocument

the DOM document to send notification events to

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