ImportTrackBatchParams Class Reference
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Public Attributes

< sbIPDDevice
Itdb_Track ** trackBatch
PRUint32 batchCount

Detailed Description

Import the batch of iPod tracks specified by aTrackBatch and aBatchCount into the Songbird device library.

This function implements the batch processing using a batch callback. This function is divided into multiple parts, the main function and the callback functions, as follows:

ImportTrackBatch Main function. ImportTrackBatch1 Static batch callback function. ImportTrackBatch2 Object batch callback function.

aTrackBatchBatch of tracks to import.
aBatchCountNumber of tracks in batch.

Definition at line 1585 of file sbIPDTrack.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

PRUint32 ImportTrackBatchParams::batchCount

Definition at line 1591 of file sbIPDTrack.cpp.

NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS nsRefPtr<sbIPDDevice> ImportTrackBatchParams::ipdDevice

Definition at line 1589 of file sbIPDTrack.cpp.

Itdb_Track** ImportTrackBatchParams::trackBatch

Definition at line 1590 of file sbIPDTrack.cpp.

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