sbIVideoFormatType Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void initialize (in ACString aContainerType, in sbIDevCapVideoStream aVideoStream, in sbIDevCapAudioStream aAudioStream)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute ACString containerType
readonly attribute
readonly attribute

Detailed Description

This is interface is used to inspect video capabilities of a device

Implementations of this interface must be threadsafe.

Definition at line 457 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIVideoFormatType::initialize ( in ACString  aContainerType,
in sbIDevCapVideoStream  aVideoStream,
in sbIDevCapAudioStream  aAudioStream 

Initializes the video format object

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute sbIDevCapAudioStream sbIVideoFormatType::audioStream

Audio capabilities of this supported video format

Definition at line 478 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute ACString sbIVideoFormatType::containerType

Container format, this may be a mime type or a songbird defined string

Definition at line 468 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute sbIDevCapVideoStream sbIVideoFormatType::videoStream

video capabilities of this supported video format

Definition at line 473 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

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