sbIRemoteCommands Interface Reference

An interface to specify playlist commands from remote web pages. More...


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Public Member Functions

void addCommand (in AString aType, in AString aID, in AString aName, in AString aTooltip)
void removeCommand (in AString aID)
void setCommandData (in unsigned long aNumCommands, [const, array, size_is(aNumCommands)] in wstring aTypeArray, [const, array, size_is(aNumCommands)] in wstring aIDArray, [const, array, size_is(aNumCommands)] in wstring aNameArray, [const, array, size_is(aNumCommands)] in wstring aTooltipArray)

Public Attributes

attribute sbIRemotePlayer owner

Detailed Description

An interface to specify playlist commands from remote web pages.

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Member Function Documentation

void sbIRemoteCommands::addCommand ( in AString  aType,
in AString  aID,
in AString  aName,
in AString  aTooltip 
void sbIRemoteCommands::removeCommand ( in AString  aID)
void sbIRemoteCommands::setCommandData ( in unsigned long  aNumCommands,
[const, array, size_is(aNumCommands)] in wstring  aTypeArray,
[const, array, size_is(aNumCommands)] in wstring  aIDArray,
[const, array, size_is(aNumCommands)] in wstring  aNameArray,
[const, array, size_is(aNumCommands)] in wstring  aTooltipArray 

Member Data Documentation

attribute sbIRemotePlayer sbIRemoteCommands::owner

Definition at line 90 of file sbIRemoteCommands.idl.

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