sbIMockCDDevice Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void initialize (in AString aName, in boolean aReadable, in boolean aWritable, in boolean aDiscInserted, in unsigned long aDiscType, in boolean aEjected)
void setDiscTOC (in sbICDTOC aTOC)

Public Attributes

attribute boolean ejected

Detailed Description

The Mock CD Device interface used to setup the Mock CD Device object

Definition at line 70 of file sbIMockCDDevice.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIMockCDDevice::initialize ( in AString  aName,
in boolean  aReadable,
in boolean  aWritable,
in boolean  aDiscInserted,
in unsigned long  aDiscType,
in boolean  aEjected 

Initializes the device

aNameName of the device
aReadablewhether the device is readable
aWritablewhether the device is writable
aDiscInsertedWhether the device has a disc inserted
aDiscTypeThe type of disc audio or data
aEjectedWhether the disc has been ejected
void sbIMockCDDevice::setDiscTOC ( in sbICDTOC  aTOC)

Set the TOC of the mock device.

aTOCThe TOC instance to assign to the mock device.

Member Data Documentation

attribute boolean sbIMockCDDevice::ejected

denotes whether the disc has been ejected

Definition at line 90 of file sbIMockCDDevice.idl.

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