sbStatusPropertyInfo Class Reference

#include <sbStatusPropertyInfo.h>

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Public Member Functions

sbStatusPropertyInfo (const nsAString &aPropertyID, const nsAString &aDisplayName, const nsAString &aLocalizationKey, const nsAString &aLabel, const nsAString &aCompletedLabel, const nsAString &aFailedLabel, const PRBool aRemoteReadable, const PRBool aRemoteWritable, const PRBool aUserViewable, const PRBool aUserEditable)
virtual ~sbStatusPropertyInfo ()
NS_IMETHOD Format (const nsAString &aValue, nsAString &_retval)
nsresult Init ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbImmutablePropertyInfo
sbImmutablePropertyInfo ()
virtual ~sbImmutablePropertyInfo ()
NS_IMETHOD SetUnitConverter (sbIPropertyUnitConverter *aUnitConverter)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbIPropertyInfo
sbIPropertyOperator getOperator (in AString aOperator)
 Get the sbIPropertyOperator for the given operator string. More...
boolean validate (in AString aValue)
 Validates the string for this property type. More...
AString sanitize (in AString aValue)
 Sanitize a value so that it passes validation. More...
AString format (in AString aValue)
 Formats the value for display. More...
AString makeSortable (in AString aValue)
 Transforms the string into its sortable collation data equivalent. More...
AString makeSearchable (in AString aValue)
 Formats the value to enable proper search. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbSupportsWeakReference
 sbSupportsWeakReference ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbITreeViewPropertyInfo
AString getImageSrc (in AString aValue)
long getProgressMode (in AString aValue)
AString getCellValue (in AString aValue)
AString getRowProperties (in AString aValue)
AString getCellProperties (in AString aValue)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbIPropertyInfo
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_EQUALS
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_NOTEQUALS
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_GREATER
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_GREATEREQUAL
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_LESS
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_LESSEQUAL
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_CONTAINS
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_NOTCONTAINS
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_BEGINSWITH
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_NOTBEGINSWITH
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_ENDSWITH
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_NOTENDSWITH
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_BETWEEN
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_ISSET
readonly attribute AString OPERATOR_ISNOTSET
const unsigned long SORT_NULL_SMALL = 0
 Causes null values to be infinitely small. This is the default. More...
const unsigned long SORT_NULL_BIG = 1
 Causes null values to be infinitely large. More...
const unsigned long SORT_NULL_FIRST = 2
 Null values always first. More...
const unsigned long SORT_NULL_LAST = 3
 Null values always last. More...
attribute unsigned long nullSort
 Set where NULL values get sorted to. More...
attribute sbIPropertyArray secondarySort
 When sorting by this property, additionally sort by the following properties. More...
attribute AString id
 Unique ID for this property. More...
attribute AString type
 The type property. More...
attribute AString displayName
 Localized display name of this property. More...
attribute AString localizationKey
 Key used to find related localization strings. More...
attribute boolean userViewable
 A user may view this property. This does not impede reading the value, it's merely meant as a guideline. More...
attribute boolean userEditable
 A user may edit this property. This does not impede editing the value, it's merely meant as a guideline. More...
attribute boolean remoteReadable
 A web site may read the value of this property. More...
attribute boolean remoteWritable
 A web site may write the value of this property. More...
attribute boolean usedInIdentity
 This attribute indicates that changing this property may change the computed hash for the item. If a property with usedInIdentity of true is changed, the identity is recalculated. More...
attribute nsISimpleEnumerator operators
 True if this property has a selection list. More...
readonly attribute
 A unit converter to convert to and from the units in which the property can be expressed. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from sbITreeViewPropertyInfo
readonly attribute AString columnType
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sbImmutablePropertyInfo
nsresult Init ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sbSupportsWeakReference
 ~sbSupportsWeakReference ()
void ClearWeakReferences ()
PRBool HasWeakReferences () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from sbImmutablePropertyInfo
PRUint32 mNullSort
nsCOMPtr< sbIPropertyArraymSecondarySort
nsString mID
nsString mType
nsString mDisplayName
nsString mLocalizationKey
PRBool mUserViewable
PRBool mUserEditable
PRBool mRemoteReadable
PRBool mRemoteWritable
PRBool mUsedInIdentity
nsCOMPtr< nsIStringBundle > mBundle
PRLock * mOperatorsLock
nsCOMArray< sbIPropertyOperatormOperators
< sbIPropertyUnitConverter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file sbStatusPropertyInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS_INHERITED NS_DECL_SBITREEVIEWPROPERTYINFO sbStatusPropertyInfo::sbStatusPropertyInfo ( const nsAString &  aPropertyID,
const nsAString &  aDisplayName,
const nsAString &  aLocalizationKey,
const nsAString &  aLabel,
const nsAString &  aCompletedLabel,
const nsAString &  aFailedLabel,
const PRBool  aRemoteReadable,
const PRBool  aRemoteWritable,
const PRBool  aUserViewable,
const PRBool  aUserEditable 
virtual sbStatusPropertyInfo::~sbStatusPropertyInfo ( )

Definition at line 56 of file sbStatusPropertyInfo.h.

Member Function Documentation

NS_IMETHODIMP sbStatusPropertyInfo::Format ( const nsAString &  aValue,
nsAString &  _retval 

Definition at line 177 of file sbStatusPropertyInfo.cpp.

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nsresult sbStatusPropertyInfo::Init ( )

Definition at line 76 of file sbStatusPropertyInfo.cpp.

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