sbIPlaylistReader Interface Reference

A subclass from which one may derive instances to read specific playlist types. More...


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Public Member Functions

void read (in nsIFile aFile, in sbIMediaList aMediaList, in PRBool aReplace, [optional] in sbIPlaylistFormatType aPlaylistFormatType)
long vote (in AString aURL)
AString name ()
AString description ()
void supportedMIMETypes (out unsigned long aMIMECount, [array, size_is(aMIMECount), retval] out wstring aMIMETypes)
void supportedFileExtensions (out unsigned long aExtCount, [array, size_is(aExtCount), retval] out wstring aExts)

Public Attributes

attribute nsIURI originalURI

Detailed Description

A subclass from which one may derive instances to read specific playlist types.

See Also
sbIPlaylistReaderManager, sbIPlaylistReaderListener, sbIMediaList

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Member Function Documentation

AString sbIPlaylistReader::description ( )
AString sbIPlaylistReader::name ( )
void sbIPlaylistReader::read ( in nsIFile  aFile,
in sbIMediaList  aMediaList,
in PRBool  aReplace,
[optional] in sbIPlaylistFormatType  aPlaylistFormatType 
void sbIPlaylistReader::supportedFileExtensions ( out unsigned long  aExtCount,
[array, size_is(aExtCount), retval] out wstring  aExts 
void sbIPlaylistReader::supportedMIMETypes ( out unsigned long  aMIMECount,
[array, size_is(aMIMECount), retval] out wstring  aMIMETypes 
long sbIPlaylistReader::vote ( in AString  aURL)

Member Data Documentation

attribute nsIURI sbIPlaylistReader::originalURI

Definition at line 117 of file sbIPlaylistReader.idl.

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