sbTranscodeProgressListener Class Reference

#include <sbTranscodeProgressListener.h>

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class  StatusProperty

Public Member Functions

PRBool IsComplete () const
PRBool IsAborted () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbIJobProgressListener
void onJobProgress (in sbIJobProgress aJobProgress)
 Notification that an object implementing sbIJobProgress has changed. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbIMediacoreEventListener
void onMediacoreEvent (in sbIMediacoreEvent aEvent)

Static Public Member Functions

New (sbBaseDevice *aDeviceBase, sbDeviceStatusHelper *aDeviceStatusHelper, sbIMediaItem *aItem, PRMonitor *aCompleteNotifyMonitor=nsnull, StatusProperty const &aStatusProperty=StatusProperty(), sbIJobCancelable *aCancel=nsnull)

Detailed Description

Provides a listener to indicate when the progress listener has completed

Definition at line 45 of file sbTranscodeProgressListener.h.

Member Function Documentation

PRBool sbTranscodeProgressListener::IsAborted ( ) const

Definition at line 93 of file sbTranscodeProgressListener.h.

PRBool sbTranscodeProgressListener::IsComplete ( ) const

Definition at line 92 of file sbTranscodeProgressListener.h.

static sbTranscodeProgressListener* sbTranscodeProgressListener::New ( sbBaseDevice aDeviceBase,
sbDeviceStatusHelper aDeviceStatusHelper,
sbIMediaItem aItem,
PRMonitor *  aCompleteNotifyMonitor = nsnull,
StatusProperty const &  aStatusProperty = StatusProperty(),
sbIJobCancelable aCancel = nsnull 

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