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Public Attributes

attribute ACString path
readonly attribute ACString mimeType

Detailed Description

This is a bare bones interface for analyzing a media container. It's a work in progress, so it's not currently scriptable and it only gets the MIME type. The hope is to add stream descriptions later, and either supercede sbIMediaInspector or fold the implementation into sbGStreamerMediaInspector. The motivation for this new implementation is that sbGStreamerMediaInspector is rather slow (it reads a lot more of the file than necessary), and it will be difficult to fix. The reason for exposing this interface before it's finished is that a fast MIME typer is needed right away.

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Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute ACString sbIMediaContainer::mimeType

The MIME type of the file specified by the path attribute.

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attribute ACString sbIMediaContainer::path

The path to the media file. Set this and then get the mimeType.

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