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Public Member Functions

void addToClientReader (in AUTF8String uri, in AString title, in AString subtitle, in unsigned long feedType)
void addFeedResult (in nsIFeedResult feedResult)
nsIFeedResult getFeedResult (in nsIURI uri)
void removeFeedResult (in nsIURI uri)

Public Attributes

attribute boolean forcePreviewPage

Detailed Description

nsIFeedResultService provides a globally-accessible object for retrieving the results of feed processing.

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Member Function Documentation

void nsIFeedResultService::addFeedResult ( in nsIFeedResult  feedResult)

Registers a Feed Result object with a globally accessible service so that it can be accessed by a singleton method outside the usual flow of control in document loading.

feedResultAn object implementing nsIFeedResult representing the feed.
void nsIFeedResultService::addToClientReader ( in AUTF8String  uri,
in AString  title,
in AString  subtitle,
in unsigned long  feedType 

Adds a URI to the user's specified external feed handler, or live bookmarks.

uriThe uri of the feed to add.
titleThe title of the feed to add.
subtitleThe subtitle of the feed to add.
feedTypeThe nsIFeed type of the feed. See nsIFeed.idl
nsIFeedResult nsIFeedResultService::getFeedResult ( in nsIURI  uri)

Gets a Feed Handler object registered using addFeedResult.

uriThe URI of the feed a handler is being requested for
void nsIFeedResultService::removeFeedResult ( in nsIURI  uri)

Unregisters a Feed Handler object registered using addFeedResult.

uriThe feed URI the handler was registered under. This must be the same instance the feed was registered under.

Member Data Documentation

attribute boolean nsIFeedResultService::forcePreviewPage

When set to true, forces the preview page to be displayed, regardless of the user's preferences.

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