sbIAddMediaItemsListener Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void onProgress (in unsigned long aItemsProcessed, in boolean aComplete)
void onItemAdded (in sbIMediaItem aNewItem)
void onComplete ()

Detailed Description

This interface is a listener for the addMediaItems method

Definition at line 74 of file sbIMediaList.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIAddMediaItemsListener::onComplete ( )

Called after the last item is added

void sbIAddMediaItemsListener::onItemAdded ( in sbIMediaItem  aNewItem)

Called for each item added to the list

void sbIAddMediaItemsListener::onProgress ( in unsigned long  aItemsProcessed,
in boolean  aComplete 

Called intermittently (every SB_ASYNC_NOTIFICATION_ITEMS items, as specified in sbLocalDatabaseMediaListBase.h

aItemsProcessedthe current numbers of items processed
aCompletewhether the operation is complete

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