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Public Member Functions

boolean hasSpaceForWrite (in unsigned long long aSpaceNeeded, in sbIDeviceLibrary aLibrary, [optional] in sbIDevice aDevice, [optional] out unsigned long long aSpaceRemaining)
boolean queryUserSpaceExceeded (in nsIDOMWindow aParent, in sbIDevice aDevice, in sbIDeviceLibrary aLibrary, in unsigned long long aSpaceNeeded, in unsigned long long aSpaceAvailable)

Detailed Description

This interface is NOT expected to be threadsafe

Helper routines for device implementations

Definition at line 45 of file sbIDeviceHelper.idl.

Member Function Documentation

boolean sbIDeviceHelper::hasSpaceForWrite ( in unsigned long long  aSpaceNeeded,
in sbIDeviceLibrary  aLibrary,
[optional] in sbIDevice  aDevice,
[optional] out unsigned long long  aSpaceRemaining 

Check if a given device library has space for a write request Will prompt the user for a partial write if not enough

aSpaceNeededthe amount of space required, in bytes
aLibrarythe device library to write to
aDevicethe device to write to; if not supplied, will attempt to determine based on the library (slow)
aSpaceRemaining[optional] the amount of space available
True if the write should proceed (even partially), false if not
boolean sbIDeviceHelper::queryUserSpaceExceeded ( in nsIDOMWindow  aParent,
in sbIDevice  aDevice,
in sbIDeviceLibrary  aLibrary,
in unsigned long long  aSpaceNeeded,
in unsigned long long  aSpaceAvailable 

Ask the user what action to take in response to an operation space exceeded event for the device specified by aDevice and device library specified by aLibrary. Use the window specified by aParent as a dialog parent. The amount of space needed for the operation is specified by aSpaceNeeded and the amount available by aSpaceAvailable. Return true if user chooses to proceed with operation.

aParentthe parent window for dialogs
aDevicetarget device of operation
aLibrarytarget device library of operation
aSpaceNeededSpace needed by operation
aSpaceAvailableSpace available to operation
True if operation should proceed (even partially), false if not

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