sbUSBDeviceDescriptor Struct Reference

#include <sbUSBDeviceUtils.h>

Public Attributes

PRUint8 bLength
PRUint8 bDescriptorType
PRUint16 bcdUSB
PRUint8 bDeviceClass
PRUint8 bDeviceSubClass
PRUint8 bDeviceProtocol
PRUint8 bMaxPacketSize0
PRUint16 idVendor
PRUint16 idProduct
PRUint16 bcdDevice
PRUint8 iManufacturer
PRUint8 iProduct
PRUint8 iSerialNumber
PRUint8 bNumConfigurations

Detailed Description

This structure contains the fields for a USB device descriptor.

bLength Size of this descriptor in bytes. bDescriptorType DEVICE Descriptor Type. bcdUSB USB Specification Release Number in Binary-Coded Decimal. bDeviceClass Class code (assigned by the USB-IF). bDeviceSubClass Subclass code (assigned by the USB-IF). bDeviceProtocol Protocol code (assigned by the USB-IF). bMaxPacketSize0 Maximum packet size for endpoint zero. idVendor Vendor ID (assigned by the USB-IF). idProduct Product ID (assigned by the manufacturer). bcdDevice Device release number in binary-coded decimal. iManufacturer Index of string descriptor describing manufacturer. iProduct Index of string descriptor describing product. iSerialNumber Index of string descriptor describing the device's serial number. bNumConfigurations Number of possible configurations.

Definition at line 122 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

Member Data Documentation

PRUint16 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bcdDevice

Definition at line 133 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint16 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bcdUSB

Definition at line 126 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bDescriptorType

Definition at line 125 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bDeviceClass

Definition at line 127 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bDeviceProtocol

Definition at line 129 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bDeviceSubClass

Definition at line 128 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bLength

Definition at line 124 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bMaxPacketSize0

Definition at line 130 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::bNumConfigurations

Definition at line 137 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint16 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::idProduct

Definition at line 132 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint16 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::idVendor

Definition at line 131 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::iManufacturer

Definition at line 134 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::iProduct

Definition at line 135 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

PRUint8 sbUSBDeviceDescriptor::iSerialNumber

Definition at line 136 of file sbUSBDeviceUtils.h.

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