commandLine.js File Reference

Command Line listener object implementation. More...

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 if (typeof(ExternalDropHandler)=="undefined") Components.utils.import("resource
window addEventListener ("load", commandline_module.onLoad, false)
 catch (e)


commandline_module init_once = 0
commandline_module deinit_once = 0
commandline_module onLoad

Detailed Description

Command Line listener object implementation.

Definition in file commandLine.js.

Function Documentation

window addEventListener ( "load"  ,
commandline_module.  onLoad,
catch (   e)

Definition at line 154 of file commandLine.js.

if (   typeof(ExternalDropHandler) = = "undefined")

Definition at line 33 of file commandLine.js.

Variable Documentation

commandline_module deinit_once = 0

Definition at line 42 of file commandLine.js.

commandline_module init_once = 0

Definition at line 41 of file commandLine.js.

commandline_module onLoad

Definition at line 44 of file commandLine.js.