sbIFormatTypeConstraint Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void Initialize (in AString aConstraintName, in nsIVariant aMinValue, in nsIVariant aMaxValue)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute AString constraintName
readonly attribute nsIVariant constraintMinValue
readonly attribute nsIVariant constraintMaxValue

Detailed Description

This allows additional format-specific constraints to be defined. e.g. For H.264, you might define the profiles and/or levels supported via sbIFormatTypeConstraints

Definition at line 153 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIFormatTypeConstraint::Initialize ( in AString  aConstraintName,
in nsIVariant  aMinValue,
in nsIVariant  aMaxValue 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute nsIVariant sbIFormatTypeConstraint::constraintMaxValue

Definition at line 163 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute nsIVariant sbIFormatTypeConstraint::constraintMinValue

Definition at line 161 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

readonly attribute AString sbIFormatTypeConstraint::constraintName

Definition at line 159 of file sbIDeviceCapabilities.idl.

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