sbDBusConnection Class Reference

#include <sbDBus.h>

Public Member Functions

nsresult InvokeMethod (const char *aMethod, sbDBusMessage **aReply, int aFirstArgType,...)
DBusConnection * get () const
virtual ~sbDBusConnection ()

Static Public Member Functions

static nsresult New (sbDBusConnection **aConnection, DBusBusType aBusType, const char *aDestination, const char *aPath, const char *aInterface)

Detailed Description

This class provides support for D-Bus connections.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbDBusConnection::~sbDBusConnection ( )

Destroy the Songbird D-Bus connection object.

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Member Function Documentation

DBusConnection* sbDBusConnection::get ( ) const

Return the base D-Bus connection data record.

Base D-Bus connection data record.

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nsresult sbDBusConnection::InvokeMethod ( const char *  aMethod,
sbDBusMessage **  aReply,
int  aFirstArgType,

Invoke the method specified by aMethod with the variable parameters starting with aFirstArgType. If aReply is not null, wait for a method reply message and return it in aReply. Use the default message destination, path, and interface set for the connection. See documentation for dbus_message_append_args.

aMethodMethod to invoke.
aReplyReturned reply to method.
aFirstArgType,...Variable method arguments.

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nsresult sbDBusConnection::New ( sbDBusConnection **  aConnection,
DBusBusType  aBusType,
const char *  aDestination,
const char *  aPath,
const char *  aInterface 

Create and return in aConnection a new Songbird D-Bus bus connection of the type specified by aBusType. For messages sent via this connection, use the destination, path, and interface specified by aDestination, aPath, and a Interface.

aConnectionReturned, created connection.
aBusTypeType of bus to which to connect.
aDestinationDestination of messages.
aPathPath of messages.
aInterfaceInterface to use when invoking methods.

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