sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource Class Reference

#include <sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource.h>

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Public Member Functions

GetProperty (const nsAString &aID, nsAString &_retval)
 sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource (sbRemotePlayer *aRemotePlayer, sbIMediaItem *aMediaItem)
virtual ~sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbRemoteLibraryResource
NS_IMETHOD GetCreated (PRInt64 *aCreated)
NS_IMETHOD GetUpdated (PRInt64 *aUpdated)
NS_IMETHOD GetUserEditable (PRBool *aUserEditable)
NS_IMETHOD GetPropertyIDs (nsIStringEnumerator **aPropertyIDs)
NS_IMETHOD GetProperties (sbIPropertyArray *aPropertyIDs, sbIPropertyArray **_retval)
NS_IMETHOD Equals (sbILibraryResource *aOtherLibraryResource, PRBool *_retval)
NS_IMETHOD GetProperty (const nsAString &aID, nsAString &_retval)
NS_IMETHOD SetProperty (const nsAString &aID, const nsAString &aValue)
NS_IMETHOD SetProperties (sbIPropertyArray *aProperties)
 sbRemoteLibraryResource (sbRemotePlayer *aRemotePlayer, sbIMediaItem *aMediaItem)
virtual ~sbRemoteLibraryResource ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbILibraryResource
AString getProperty (in AString aID)
 Get the value of a property of this resource. More...
void setProperty (in AString aID, in AString aValue)
 Set the value of a property on this resource. More...
sbIPropertyArray getProperties ([optional] in sbIPropertyArray aPropertyIDs)
 Get properties from this resource in a property array. More...
void setProperties (in sbIPropertyArray aProperties)
 Sets the properties and values in the supplied property array to this resource. This works as if you called setProperty on each property in the array. More...
boolean equals (in sbILibraryResource aOtherLibraryResource)
 Tests the equality of two library resources. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbILibraryResource
readonly attribute AString guid
 The guid of this resource. More...
readonly attribute long long created
 The creation time of this resource as a unix timestamp. More...
readonly attribute long long updated
 The last update time of this resource as a unix timestamp. More...
readonly attribute
 Returns a string enumerator of the IDs of all the properties set on this resource. More...
readonly attribute boolean userEditable
 True if users should be allowed to modify the resource. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from sbRemoteLibraryResource
nsRefPtr< sbRemotePlayermRemotePlayer
nsCOMPtr< sbIMediaItemmMediaItem

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource::sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource ( sbRemotePlayer aRemotePlayer,
sbIMediaItem aMediaItem 
sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource::~sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource ( )

Definition at line 55 of file sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

NS_IMETHODIMP sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource::GetProperty ( const nsAString &  aID,
nsAString &  _retval 

Definition at line 66 of file sbRemoteSiteLibraryResource.cpp.

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