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Public Member Functions

AString getHandlerURI (in AString uri)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute AString contentType
readonly attribute AString uri

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file nsIWebContentConverterRegistrar.idl.

Member Function Documentation

AString nsIWebContentHandlerInfo::getHandlerURI ( in AString  uri)

Gets the service URL Spec, with the loading document URI encoded in it.

uriThe URI of the document being loaded
The URI of the service with the loading document URI encoded in it.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute AString nsIWebContentHandlerInfo::contentType

The content type handled by the handler

Definition at line 49 of file nsIWebContentConverterRegistrar.idl.

readonly attribute AString nsIWebContentHandlerInfo::uri

The uri of the handler, with an embedded s where the URI of the loaded document will be encoded.

Definition at line 55 of file nsIWebContentConverterRegistrar.idl.

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