sbWMDMUtils.h File Reference

Songbird WMDM Utilities Definitions. More...

#include <nsStringGlue.h>
#include <mswmdm.h>
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nsresult sbWMDMGetDeviceFromDeviceInstanceID (nsAString &aDeviceInstanceID, IWMDMDevice **aDevice)
nsresult sbWMDMGetDeviceManager (IWMDeviceManager **aDeviceManager)

Detailed Description

Songbird WMDM Utilities Definitions.

Definition in file sbWMDMUtils.h.

Function Documentation

nsresult sbWMDMGetDeviceFromDeviceInstanceID ( nsAString &  aDeviceInstanceID,
IWMDMDevice **  aDevice 

Return in aDevice the WMDM device with the device instance ID specified by aDeviceInstanceID.

aDeviceInstanceIDInstance ID of WMDM device.
aDeviceReturned WMDM device.
NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE No WMDM device corresponds to device instance ID.

Definition at line 72 of file sbWMDMUtils.cpp.

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nsresult sbWMDMGetDeviceManager ( IWMDeviceManager **  aDeviceManager)

Return in aDeviceManager the Windows media device manager.

aDeviceManagerWindows media device manager.

Definition at line 155 of file sbWMDMUtils.cpp.

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