ngIEqualizerPresetProviderManager Interface Reference

The manager collects all preset providers and provides a collection of them. More...


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Public Member Functions

void registerPresetProvider (in ngIEqualizerPresetProvider aNewProvider)
 Add a ngIEqualizerPresetProvider to the collection. More...
void unregisterPresetProvider (in ngIEqualizerPresetProvider aProvider)
 Remove an ngIEqualizerPresetProvider from the list. More...

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsIArray providers
 Array of ngIEqualizerPresetProvider elements. More...
readonly attribute nsIArray presets
 Array containing all presets. More...

Detailed Description

The manager collects all preset providers and provides a collection of them.

Is a service.
Emits "equalizer-presets-changed" when the presets list changes. Subject is the new list and no data is supplied.

Definition at line 117 of file ngIEqualizerPresetProvider.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void ngIEqualizerPresetProviderManager::registerPresetProvider ( in ngIEqualizerPresetProvider  aNewProvider)

Add a ngIEqualizerPresetProvider to the collection.

void ngIEqualizerPresetProviderManager::unregisterPresetProvider ( in ngIEqualizerPresetProvider  aProvider)

Remove an ngIEqualizerPresetProvider from the list.

You cannot remove the default preset provider and the main provider.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute nsIArray ngIEqualizerPresetProviderManager::presets

Array containing all presets.

If multiple providers provide a preset with the same name, the provider that registered last will override the other ones. A user-saved preset will always override the other presets (as if the main provider was registered last). Please use unique names for presets if you want a constant user experience.

Definition at line 135 of file ngIEqualizerPresetProvider.idl.

readonly attribute nsIArray ngIEqualizerPresetProviderManager::providers

Array of ngIEqualizerPresetProvider elements.

The main provider is always the first item and the Nightingale default preset provider is always the last item.

Definition at line 124 of file ngIEqualizerPresetProvider.idl.

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